Lokál in Dlouhá Street

The best place to try what Czech cuisine really is. Be aware of all those touristy restaurants and try this one. You can call everything on their menu as a traditional czech cuisine. And the beer is also the best you can get in Prague. So go for it. Prices are more than reasonable.   Dlouhá...

Lokál u Bílé Kuželky

Same place as Lokál in Dlouhá street but another location. It´s right next to the Charles Bridge and you have the choice to sit outside. Same quality, same prices and the same perfect service and beer. And there is also cellar downstairs that also looks amazing. Adress: Míšeňská 66/12 118 00 Praha...

Vinohradský Parlament

This is a brand new restaurant /pub. They try to make the concept of old czech pubs in modern way. There are 6 diferrent types of Staropramen served and they are excellent, perfectly cold. I think that because they are new, prices of the food are very low. So it´s a perfect way how to try modern...


They offer only czech BIO beef. Almost all parts of beef and different preparation. Their beef tartare is awesome. You can try really modern Czech cuisine at this place. Though this restaurant is little bit pricey (you´ll spend about 20-30 EUR for your dinner and drinks, so maybe pricey for Czechs,...

Havelská Koruna

The place look like an old communism place to eat, but the meals there are great and for very low prices. I think the best place to eat Czech (best choice is to try Goulash soup + Cream souce with dumplings and beef meat) and you will pay for the soup, main meal and 1 beer about only 6 USD...

Jan Paukert (delikatessen)

This place was founded in 1916 and has its magic. We always bring there our couchsurfers to try their "Chlebíčky". It´s a czech speciality that you can see on the pics below. They offer different types just try whatever you like, it´s delicious! adress: Jan Paukert lahůdkářství Národní 981/17 110...

The Tavern

This is small America in Prague! Their burgers (veggie burgers included) are awesome!! Really, the best burgers in Prague. It´s owned by Americans and they do it great! There is always such a great atmosphere and people are always nice.   Adress: gmaps: closest station:...

Potrefená Husa

This is good place to have beer and eat modern, we like it there, but better make a reservation, if you want to go there in the evening. They offer 8 types of Staropramen beer, Stella Artois and Hoegaarden. We can recommend their Stewed Duck with dumplings and cabbage, and their "Svíčková"...

Beas Dhaba

Indian Vegetarian concept of eatery. It´s really delicious! You always pay depending on how much give on your plate. They are in multiple locations in Prague. You can find in google map all the Beas Dhaba places under yellow colour.  

YES! Burger

The biggest burgers you can get in Prague. They are really cheap and taste good, so if you like burgers, go for it!  Yes! Burger Seifertova 1042/14  130 00 Praha 3-Žižkov gmaps: closest station: Husinecka (tram)
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Hungry but Tired? Let´s eat on your couch! :)


This became hit of last months in Prague! If you are too tired to go out and eat, you can just order your dinner direct into your couch. Simply delivery service nothing special abroads but this is very new in Czech Republic :) We use it every week. There is a great service (the only in Prague) that delivers food from restaurants (there are hundreds of restaurants in offer with ratings and reviews from custumers).


Everytime we ordered there, they delivered our meal  in less than 1 hour to our apartment. And the best thing is that you can pay with your card!

You can just visit these websites (they are in english).


Every customer gets free 50,- Kc for the first order. And if you are not satisfied, they will give you your money back thanks to their satisfaction guarantee programme.  


Their customer service is always exceeding our expectations.