Cross Club

Cross Club

This is very unique and legendary Prague club. It was made out of nothing, without almost any money. You have probably never seen club like this. Cross is labyrinth with 2 stages and many bars. It´s fun and very cheap, changing with a good fast food, table football. Design of the club is simply amazing!


from their websites:


"The Crossclub is a uniquely designed multicultural centre which houses a real crossroads of cultures and a variety of styles and genres in the centre of Prague Holešovice. For many years, the Crossclub has been an integral part of the Prague cultural scene, respected not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. Its fascinating futuristic design, with many unusual artefacts, has given the club its unique identity. 

The Crossclub´s space offers a wide range of possibilities. Music dramaturgy is focused on unconventional music genres, both, in live and electronic form. The Crossclub features high-quality groups and artists from Czech as well as from abroad, ranging from dubstep to hardcore. Besides musical dramaturgy, another essential component of Cross is the presentation of cross-genre alternative culture, focusing on young theatre companies, authors´ reading their works, travelling gabfests, screenings of alternative films as well as current cinema, education through documentary films and discussions, and last but not least the afternoon theatre performances for children: all of them for minimum entrance fees or completely free."




Plynární 23

170 00 Praha