Hellooo Couchsurfers!

Welcome in Prague! Thank you for visiting our pages! You are probably visiting these pages because you went through our profile on Couchsurfing. Thank you for your interest. We really appreciate it! Hope this will help you exploring Prague better and act like Prague citizen! And who knows, we can always meet anywhere in the world, right? 


So why we decided to create these websites? Well, everytime we weren´t able to host anybody we tried to help them at least by sending them places we visit, enjoy and can recommend in Prague.

We know very well that it´s always hard to get information especially when you are visiting different country and that it usually takes time. We keep updating these pages so you can get as many usefull information as possible.


Enjoy your stay in Prague!





Petr :)


Petr enjoying beer at the Farmers Market at Jiřího z Poděbrad square