Czech cuisine

"Svíčková" - beef, cream vegetable sauce and bread dumplings and cranberries.

During last couple years there were open really great restaurants. But still there are about 10 000 restaurants in Prague and most of them suck, seriously! They were built just to make money on tourists, pretending that they serve traditional Czech food and having terrible customer service. Try to avoid them and never enter any restaurant without being sure about its references.


Traditional Czech food is invariably rich in saturated fat and therefore considered unhealthy by nutritional standards. Czech cuisine is dominated by meat. 

The body of Czech meals typically consists of two or more courses: the first course is traditionally soup, the second course is the main dish, and supplementary courses such as dessert.


"Pečená Kachna" - Roasted duck with dumplings and cabbage.


řízek - fried meat


fried cauliflower with tartare sauce (picture taken by Lokál in Dlouhá)


beef tartar (pic taken by our guest Tim in Lokál at Dlouhá street)


Braised Pork with mashed potatoes (in Lokál u Bílé Kuželky - next to the Charles Bridge)

kynuté knedlíky



kapr, pstruh

buchty plněné