Czech Republic doesn´t have EURO. Exchange rate is about 25 CZK ( = czech crown = Kč) for 1 EURO.


Be careful with money exchange. Prague is full of exchange offices and lot of them have some kind of hidden, extra charges or unfair rates and you can very easy be scammed. Never give your money to anybody unless you are 100 % sure that your rate is fair - that means about 25 CZK per 1 EURO (+-10 %), one of our couchsurfer changed his money and he got the rate 16 CZK per 1 EURO (there was 25 CZK/EURO on the board but beginning with exchanging 1000 EURO - written with tiny words, so he got 1600 CZK instead of cca 2500 CZK for his 100 EURO) so be careful! 


We and our couchsurfers use only this exchange office:   Websites are only in Czech but "valuty do 100 000,- Kč" means "foreign currency up to 100 000 CZK" and "valuty VIP" means "foreign currency VIP".

So if you print this coupon and you show it them, you´ll get the VIP rate. (Still if you don´t get the VIP rate the exchange rate is better than in other exchange offices)


you can find this Exchange office very close to "Staromestska" metro station: 


Kaprova 14/13

110 00 Praha (direct link on Gmaps)