Cross Club

This is very unique and legendary Prague club. It was made out of nothing, without almost any money. You have probably never seen club like this. Cross is labyrinth with 2 stages and many bars. It´s fun and very cheap, changing with a good fast food, table football. Design of the club is simply...


Absintherie is definitely one of those places you have to visit when you are in Prague! They serve real absinth that you can´t get in most of the countries. They offer hundreds of absinth. We recommend Absinth 35    adress: Jilská 110 00 Praha gmaps:   closest...


Don´t miss this bar if you love cocktails! And they have happy hours every day until 8 pm - all cocktails for 60,- Kč (2,5 €)    

Karlovy Lázně

This club is very famous. It has 5 floors and in each floor different kind of music is played. We like it because everytime we are tired by certain kind of music we just switch the floor. And this club is usualy full of people from different countries so we bet there won´t be any language problem...


Harley´s is an awesome bar where you can dance. After midnight people usually start to dance on the tables. They play rock music but don´t worry nobody wears leather clothes there. We prefer dance music but the atmosphere and the party spirit attract us to go...


This club is right in the center of Prague. Fridays and Saturdays are the best. They play oldies music (80´s and 90´s). The club is very large but always full of people.   Entrance fee is 100,- Kc

Shisha Room

Great place where you can enjoy water pipe (shisha). It´s usually full so better get a reservation.   contact: Nekázanka 8 (street) Praha 1 - Nové Město 110 00 tel.: 775 198 692 email: web: