IMAX cinema

IMAX cinema

There is an amazing movie about nature played in this 3D cinema. 


about the technology:

"IMAX 3D technology is acknowledged to be the best 3D in the world. IMAX has developed a special 3D camera which incorporates two camera movements into one housing.

As a result there are two roles of films produced - one for the right eye and the other one for the left eye. The 3D film is projected onto the screen via two polarised lenses that focus the separate left-and-right - eye images of the two separate strips of film onto the screen. The audience wears polarised glasses which have the same polar alignment in each lens as the projector. The left and the right eye receives only the image intended for it and our brain creates the illusion of the three-dimensional reality."


you can visit their websited and make a reservation:



Vinohradsk√° 151 (Flora)

130 00 Praha 3